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Fact 1)


Your mind does what it thinks and believes you want it to do but it often acts on old, outdated beliefs.


For example, if your mind has picked up the belief that chocolate comforts you, then that’s where it will send you – like an unstoppable missile – when you’re feeling a bit low. So, say as a small child, you were given some chocolate by your loving granny and felt so loved while you sat by her fireside savouring this sweet treat, your mind made the connection between feeling safe/connected/loved and eating chocolate. The mind has fixed ideas (heard that before?) and it holds that pattern until you upgrade your mind with a belief that better serves you.


Last night after dinner I sort of felt, ‘hmmm, something sweet wou’…’ I stopped myself right there and said to myself, “I’m choosing to stop eating. I want to be a size 12 (UK size) and losing weight is feeling so amazing. I’m choosing to feel really great about this decision!” And guess what – it was then so easy to not stumble to the kitchen like an unconscious zombie on the hunt! And then I did feel amazing. I sat by the fire folding the laundry and watching an episode of Star Trek – honestly, I felt light and victorious!


I give my mind very clear messages, repeatedly and leave no room for misinterpretation. I hold the picture in my mind of how I want to look, I have the jeans I’m going to wear at my goal weight hanging behind my door, and I look at them every morning. I don’t look at them and think, ‘Meh, I’m never gonna get into those…’ I look at them and say, ‘It’s so exciting, I’m getting there!’ and then I really do feel motivated and excited – really feel it in my body, I feel a little excited shudder. I leave no room for confusion; my mind knows exactly what I want and every Monday when I climb on the scale – no surprises, more thin has been gained! I find it gets easier and easier as my new beliefs are being hardwired into my subconscious. The mind will accept anything you tell it repeatedly – and that’s a fact. My new eating patterns are becoming part of who I am – a sensible moderate eater forever.



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