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Fact 2)


The way you feel about any situation is linked to only two things – The pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself


Okay – so let’s unpack how this plays out on our weight loss journey …


I used to love eating pizza – the ready-made frozen ones which you just pop in the oven and ‘hydrate to level four please!’ So quick, easy, fluffy, crunchy crusty and addictive. Right? You know the ones. The picture in my head was bubbling cheese perfect pastry melt in the mouth satisfaction; the words I said to myself and to anybody who would listen, “Oh God, I LOVE pizza – when I die and go to heaven, there’ll be pizza in abundance – Ooooh yummy, pizza makes me happy!’ Well I don’t eat pizza anymore – and trust me, it has nothing to do with willpower. I simply changed the picture. I came to understand that the dough in many of these ready-made pizzas contain L-cysteine. Sounds okay doesn’t it – but – wait for it… L-cysteine is made from human hair (predominantly the hair swept up from the hairdressers in China!). Gagging? Yea, even as I write this! Here is a link to the Daily Mail because I know you don’t believe me: – when you visit that site, you’ll also see why I don’t eat commercial bread. If that wasn’t enough and you’re a dairy addict – the cheese is full of pus, in fact milk is full of pus. The cattle are being milked for all they’re worth (not a metaphor) and their udders are oozing pus from infection and inflammation. I’ll let you do the research on that one. The bottom line – the pictures in my head changed from delight to disgust – I don’t eat shop bought pizza. Ever. The words I tell myself changed automatically too, “Pizza is revolting, it’s made of pus and human hair!” And I promise you, no juicy pizza marketing imagery so tantalizingly waved in front me, beats that.


Cookies and cake – new speak – sugar and poisonous fat delivery devices


Diet Pepsi/ Coke etc – new speak – osteoporosis in a bottle (This is what Marisa Peer calls it!)


Jelly sweets – new speak – boiled pigs’ feet and sugar


Potato crisps – new speak – mega delivery device of poisonous fat and chemicals


Pringles – new speak – extruded muck with chemicals and rat droppings. Just in case you think I’m making this stuff again – another link: On the subject of Pringles, think of their tag line – Once you pop you can’t stop – can you imagine the outrage if they put that on a bottle of champagne! They BRAG about how you will become addicted and overeat, and we celebrate with them. Crazy poopoo when you step back and see the big picture.


So, turn off the cravings for junk and turn on the cravings for nutritious food. Food adverts are designed to make you drool over the food and then buy it, and the adverts work because they influence the unconscious mind. The good news is that you can make this ability to influence your mind work for you -fill up your mind with images of healthier food and tell yourself this is what you really want and crave.


And finally when you say things to yourself like, “I just can’t lose weight, nothing works!!”, your beautiful mind sends a message to your body (like the comms system on a submarine from captain to engine room) and your beautiful obedient body responds with ‘we can’t lose weight, nothing works – aye aye captain brain, copy that.’ We form the images we eventually turn into – now don’t let that slide by… We form the images we eventually turn into!



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