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Fact 3)

The mind loves what is familiar.

This has to be hacked for successful weight shedding …


We need to collaborate with our minds to make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar… got it? It’s a bit of a mind-bender but let me explain.


If you’re anything like I was, after dinner you’d go rummaging around for dessert – you know that sweet something that just rounds off a good meal? You have done this so often for so long it feels very familiar. Or, binge watch boxsets with Doritos, marshmallows and jelly babies for company (suspiciously specific – well, I am writing this from experience!). Once again, it is very familiar and comforting behaviour (comforting that is until you feel unwell and the regret sets in… but guess what, that feels familiar too!). Or, if you have coffee with three teaspoons of sugar – familiar too, right? Not going to the gym or out for a walk?Well no, because there is a box set and Doritos & Co to binge on. The ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ cycle kicks in until tomorrow becomes today and… you know how that ends.Round and round we go – but it all feels so familiar, so safe.


Okay, point made, now here’s the deal. You set about making the unfamiliar familiar because the mind wants to keep going back to what it knows. The truth is unless you consciously and systematically make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar, weight loss is a near impossible struggle. But how? Simple – you useknowledgeyou’ve gained from ‘Fact 1’. You tell yourself: ‘I’m choosing to not eat that cupcake after dinner, and I’m choosing to feel like a winner!’ Remember that hack? Do this and I promise you thatkeeping the treats and desserts to the odd occasion instead of every time you eat (or watch box sets); drinking sugar free coffee; or whatever new behaviour you are wiring in – very soon becomes familiar. Good eating habits become part of your life and bad habits become part of your history. Fact! I know this because my two size smaller clothes tell me so.


We have to consciously upgrade our thinking because our beautiful brains come hard wired with primitive tribal thinking. Staying in the familiar was part of how we survived. I mean as primitives, wandering out of familiar territory got us killed by another tribe, or harmed by some other unfamiliar element of our environment. But know we know better and can hack this wiring and in so doing, change our lives for the better.


So, I’m challenging you to step up and get that primitive part of the mind to serve you instead of leading you down into depression and despair. Shake yourself up and upgrade your mind into the 21st century – I have, and it feels pretty damn good!



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