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Fact 4)

Your subconscious mind does everything to move you towards pleasure and away from pain.

Solution – change what you link pain and pleasure to. It once again boils down to how we speak to ourselves.


As long as we believe that chocolate, pizza, ice-cream, marshmallows and chocolate (you know your ‘thing’) makes us happy, we will be swimming upstream on this weight shedding journey. For example, when you tell yourself, “Oh my goodness, I just love pizza, but I mustn’t eat it!’ Your brain says, I’ll help you – I’ll turn up the desire… and so your job of resisting pizza or whatever you’ve just expressed great joy in eating (but denying), just got harder. This becomes even more difficult when you’re stressed because you turn to these foods to cope or as a reward because you’ve told your mind how much pleasure it brings you to eat these foods – and so your well-meaning mind turns up the cravings to bring you this ‘pleasure’ and the cravings intensify.


You will be far more successful on this weight reducing journey when you tell yourself better things, not just occasionally – but all the time. The good news is that you can CHOOSE what to link pain and pleasure to. Form a picture in your mind and link pleasure to refusing chocolate, pizza and crisps. For example: Create an image in your mind… see yourself on the beach, feeling great in your costume, feel the satisfaction, feel the confidence – and then tell yourself that eating healthy nutritional foodin the right amounts is what is really going to make this happen, bring you this wonderful pleasure. Tell yourself that eating healthy food is what is going to help you manage stress and is a better reward for your body.


Making the right choices and changing your beliefs will make you far more successful at permanent weight reduction. Get really specific with what you tell your mind and leave no room for misinterpretation.



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