Self-confidence and poor sleeping patterns.


When I went to see Michelle I was really struggling to sleep and after the session there was a remarkable improvement in my sleeping pattern. Without proper sleep, life can be unbearable. In addition, since my therapy with Michelle my self-confidence has improved, and I feel so much more secure in my relationship with my partner.

Michelle was good at prompting me to question deep things, issues I hadn’t made connections with in the past. Now I feel I’ve dealt with it in my head and I no longer give it a second thought. I am now living more for ‘the now’ than ‘the then’. I’ve let go of a lot of baggage and feel so much more positive about the future. In fact, I can see the future whereas before seeing Michelle I was too afraid to think past the upcoming weeks.

Michelle’s recording (the recording which you listen to for 3 weeks after the session) was warm, sincere and very personal to me, and this makes a huge difference. I’ve tried the standardised stuff on-line and it’s not the same. I listened to the recording for long after the 21 days and it has had such an impact on how I feel about myself. In fact, I enjoyed the recording so much, I listened long after the recommended 21 days.

It is now a few months since my therapy with Michelle and I have become so much more self-aware, and I have not had any more fight or flight reactions which caused me to flee (literally flee, I would get in my car and drive quite dangerously) and run away from situations. My confidence is so much better, I don’t pull myself down so much. I am better able to rationalise situations with my partner; I am much more relaxed around him. I have let go of the need for constant reassurance. Overall, I feel so much more at ease and settled.

I highly recommend Michelle, my life is the better for seeing her.

G.M. – Scotland

Weightloss and IBS


Firstly, let me say I’m probably the most sceptical person there is, but a chance meeting with Michelle du Preez was probably the most fortuitous meeting I’ve ever had. I’m a person who has been morbidly obese for many years with a catalogue of health issues mostly since my mid-forties, but the last six years have been horrendous.


When I first met Michelle we got talking and the Rapid Transformational Therapy came into the conversation; because of my size it’s impossible to hide the weight issue. I found Michelle was easy to talk to and I felt really comfortable talking to her, so much so that I even told her that I didn’t believe in  hypnotism, I thought it was a lot of nonsense and that I thought it was for the weak minded. This was typical of a me, a strong opinionated person who doesn’t suffer fools – in saying that, I’m not the most confident or outgoing person, probably because of my size.


After talking to Michelle for a while and feeling I had nothing to lose but a few pounds in money, I asked if she would take me on to see if she could help me lose some weight. I have tried dozens of diets over the years with very mixed results and I seem to have pills for everything from joint pain, heart, blood pressure and now severe IBS. I thought, why not, I’ve tried everything elseand nothing had really changed and I remember my doctor saying years ago that he’d love to get into my head for an hour or two to see what had happened in my life that had turned me from a skinny kid to the massive person I’ve become.


I made an appointment with Michelle and filled in the appropriate forms and paperwork etc and the first meeting lasted for two hours. She just talks to you, finding out what the issues are etc etc. I found myself recalling things I thought were long forgotten. As for the hypnosis part, well you’re not sleeping or in a trance or anything like that, you’re just very very relaxed, and you just answer her questions honestly. You won’t give her your bank details or anything like that, you are always in control of what you say or what you don’t say, but I think you have to be very honest to the get the best out of these sessions. After Michelle left, I received a recording from our meeting that I had to listen to every morning and night. To be truthful it was easy to do and really quite relaxing and I started to look forward to these listening sessions. I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that surfaced while I was ‘hypnotised’. These things kept popping into my head over the next few days. The second visit was about five days after the first and we discussed what had been going on since the last meeting. Michelle will explain the process far better than I am here, but it is a process and you go on a bit of a journey. By the time the third visit happened, which was two weeks after the second, I had lost half a stone without doing anything different except drinking a bit more water, I was a bit more active and I felt a lot better in myself, better as in hopeful. It has been a long time since I felt any hope for me.


Now I started this testimonial saying that I did not believe in hypnosis, boy have I changed my opinion on that, so much so that I asked Michelle if she could do anything to help me with my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) problem, as the pain I’ve had for the last six years has been getting worse year on year, I’ve been living on prescription pills from the doctor for the symptoms and the pain. There is no amount of money that I would not have paid to get some relief for this condition. I paid the fee and started a new course of Rapid Transformational Therapy for the IBS and after the same three meetings and listening to recordings of our sessions every morning and night, the results are nothing short of startling. I had almost constant IBS pain every day, I found it difficult to travel anywhere, as toilet stops were of a major importance to me. It was almost an immediate transformation for me. The first week I had only one episode that lasted a few hours, the second week I had a couple of small episodes and in the last two weeks I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. I’ve also now lost a stone in weight, now I know it’s not a huge amount of weight but there’s fifty two weeks in a year and it took many years to put all this weight on, so I’m full of hope and I feel so much more positive about everything than I have for years. I’m not a Kaftan coat wearing hippy, I’m just an ordinary person with a fresh outlook on MY life thanks to Michelle’s expertise, guidance and knowledge.


I’m on a journey and I’m enjoying the journey that I’m now on and who knows where this will end up, but I’m positive it will be a lot better than where I’ve been.


I’m still looking forward to hearing Michelle talk to me every morning and night and keeping me feeling positive.

John F – Scotland

Weight Loss and Confidence


What can I say. My journey of RTT with Michelle has been just that: rapid, transformational and therapeutic.
I was a chronic overeater, binger, emotional eater, secret eater and couldn’t get out of the cycle.
26 days later I haven’t secretly eaten, binged and all the other awful habits I had around food. I never thought this was possible and here I am telling you all it is!
I am emotionally well and optimistic, I have not and do not persecute myself, I do not hate myself anymore. I have learnt forgiveness, gratitude, self-love and all these positive feelings and am optimistic about the future.
I can hand on heart say that I am not that person I was, 26 days ago; broken, shattered, unfixable.
I am eating well and thoughtfully, and I am looking after myself mentally and spiritually.
I have listened to my recording every day, mostly twice a day. I needed and wanted to.
It is now a journey that I am on; that I never thought possible; but it is.
I am here as proof and on it.
So much gratitude to Michelle for taking me on and getting me through this.
A beautiful person; who ‘gets’ it.
Thank you so much


I am home – Scotland

Weight Loss


“I have been battling with binge eating and sugar cravings for years.  During one session of RTT Michelle unlocked something buried deep inside of me that allowed me an insight and an understanding as to why I had this poor relationship with food.  She empowered me to be able to let go, move on and ultimately break free.  In the hours and days that followed my session I saw an almost immediate change in my desire to binge. Michelle has enabled me to make healthy choices and I feel less impulsive towards sugary foods. Michelle has shown me ongoing support and understanding and I cannot recommend her highly enough to become your therapist.”


Pamela G –  Scotland

Weight Loss


“I went into this with a total open mind but not really knowing what to expect as never done anything like this before. Immediately Michelle made me feel comfortable and relaxed, she explained what would happen and asked me what I was hoping for, I was excited to get into it. It was surprising to me, when we explored what came up, and for me personally it was quite an emotional experience. The mind is a fascinating thing and discovered mine created a wonderful way to protect me, obviously on some level I did that but never felt consciously aware I had. Michelle created a recording for me and I’m just coming into my second week, to be honest I don’t hear until the end because Michelle has such a relaxing voice and I’m normally out for the count within a few minutes. However, I can already see and feel changes within myself. The main objective of this for me personally was to hopefully lose some weight, feel more healthy, to sleep better and not think about chocolate on a daily basis (which for me is quite a feat!) I weighed myself after the first week and I had lost 2 pounds, I have been sleeping a lot better and haven’t craved chocolate at all, which considering was that time of the month it’s a miracle for me!

If this is something you’re thinking of trying I would highly recommend. Michelle does it with such care and heart I couldn’t recommend any one else for the job, so go for it you won’t regret it.”

Sam M – Scotland

Nail Biting

I have never participated in any hypnosis therapy before. I roughly knew what it entailed but I was completely new to this. Michelle made it very easy to relax and go through this experience. Her home and her personality are very welcoming and friendly. She has a very soothing voice and a very calm manner. I went through the session without any effort or discomfort. She helped me to understand the source of my anxiety relating to biting my nails. Days after the session, after listening a few times to the recording, I could clearly see the change in my behaviour. My nails started growing nicely again and I don’t feel the need to bite them at all.

I would highly recommend people to try this because it works and because Michelle is such a lovely and caring person!

Chloé P – Scotland

Weight Loss


After having seen Michelle I have lost over a stone in weight. I am now making better choices.
Highly recommend Michelle

Mary M – Scotland

Feeling Unworthy and Insecure


Before Michelle and I met, I struggled with jealousy, feeling insecure, unworthy and had trouble trusting people. This affected my life to such an extent, that it ended in a relationship breakdown.
During my session with Michelle, Michelle helped me see what part of me was holding me back and thus what part of me I needed to let go. I have listened to my recording for 21 days twice a day. If I didn’t listen to it twice I would feel the anxiousness build up.
There have been so many changes in my personal life in these 21 days, but thanks to Michelle showing me and guiding me to my strength, I have come out of it on the other side. I am still a work in progress, but I can now see my own worth and I finally love myself for who I am now.
I found a quote that represents what hypnotherapy was for me:
“Everything you need is already inside of you. Don’t wait for others to light your fire, you have your own matches.” Michelle showed me where my matches were, and I lit my fire.
I will be forever grateful, and I am loving my journey.
Thank you Michelle ❤️

Joyce –  Scotland



I first contacted Michelle to get help with some personal issues I had been battling for a number of years. These included obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for tidiness and cleaning. I would spend hours daily bleaching and cleaning and it was not uncommon for me to clean around the children while they slept or to be cleaning hotel rooms or holiday lets when on family breaks!I suffer from extreme insomnia and get 2-3 hours solid sleep a night due to being unable to ‘switch off’.I have post-traumatic stress and am hyper vigilant due to childhood experiences, yet I am able to cover the issues by remaining busy, helping others and always smiling so most people are unaware.

After an intense and emotional first session with Michelle I felt exhausted, emotionally drained and overwhelmed, yet, I also felt strong, powerful and enlightened.I used the programme and tools Michelle gave me and listening to her therapy recording daily I was amazed at the results.

After only a week I was sleeping a little better, I was only cleaning for two hours a day instead of four or five. I was more relaxed and less stressed. I was able to leave for work without bleaching my house and worrying. I felt emotionally stronger. I was able to say ‘NO’ to family and work colleagues when I felt I was being taken advantage of and now have a sense of being strong, independent and complete.I learnt saying no, not worrying and being content with who and what I am – is and always was OK!

I may be not everyone’s cup of tea since standing up for myself more, but I’ve found the family, friends and colleagues around me now are the ones that truly matter, and my life is more whole for that.My family is happier and content and I have Michelle to thank for that. She is inspirational!I highly recommend her therapy and will be checking in for more sessions to keep me balanced and feeling complete x

S Macmillan – Scotland

Since seeing Michelle, I’ve been feeling great!! I lost about 8lbs in the three weeks of treatment and am continuing to eat healthily. I have never felt better and have a totally different outlook on everything! I am so grateful to Michelle for helping me along.


D MacLean – Scotland

Weight Loss


 Having suffered many years from an eating disorder which was exacerbated by an abusive relationship, I had all but given up trying to “control” my situation. Food was my drug; I was secret eating and it was destroying my life. At my lowest mood and highest weight, I was introduced to RTT by Michelle. 2 months on and I no longer have the need to binge eat, I sleep better, and my emotions are on an even keel. Feeling better about myself, I started on a walking program (I intend doing the Camino next year in May) and I took up boxing training with a personal trainer. So far I have lost 5kg and 22cm and gained some muscle. I feel empowered, food is no longer an issue and I am so excited to be on this transformational journey. Thanks for your input and support Michelle – you are inspirational!


Melanie M – South Africa

Moving Forward in Confidence


I thought I had been stuck for 6 years but it had actually been 40! Not realising the decisions that I had been making throughout my life were directly related to the past and my beliefs… Michelle spent 1 session with me, followed by homework for me to do. Within only a few days I really felt I had ‘me’ back! The REAL me. It is difficult to put into words how this has gone onto positively effect my life in so many ways, particularly the business I have, which is now taking a massive leap in the direction I want. Michelle has helped me re-discover my power, self-belief and confidence I cannot thank her enough! As well as now knowing 100% the direction I am going in, which is so exciting!

Laura C – Scotland


“This was my first experience with hypnosis. First, I learned about the powerful link between the mind and the body – and realised the tinnitus (which was the focus of the session) is clearly linked with the way we think about ourselves. I felt very relaxed after the session and at peace with myself. I’m aware that my healing will come in stages. The first stage has been for me to become less anxious and less anxiety leads to a reduction of tinnitus and so on until full healing – it will spiral.”

Sarah F – Scotland

Weight Loss

“I tried a session of hypnotherapy for weight loss with some scepticism and trepidation. I had had a previous session of hypnotherapy a long time ago, with a different practitioner that I didn’t feel comfortable with or that it worked. From the beginning of this session with Michelle my conscious was listening to the questions and WHAM my subconscious answered the question! Totally blew my mind! My subconscious knew exactly how and where my weight issues started. It took me to key moments in my traumatic childhood and something unlocked, I felt completely safe and at ease.

That was three weeks ago, and I can longer physically eat as much as I did before. Food is not constantly on my mind like before. I have a new experience of feeling full when I used to have an inside drive to eat constantly. An absolutely life-changing experience!”

Penny M – Scotland

Weight Loss


Throughout the process I felt very relaxed and safe. I trusted Michelle and was completely right to do so. She took me through the steps, and I felt very much in control. After the session I already felt refreshed. Now, a mere three weeks later I have let go of weight which has been with me for a great deal of my life. Not only am I losing weight, but I am feeling good all round and multiple people have commented saying I look like I’m glowing. This was a wonderful calm experience with an even greater outcome. Thank you Michelle!

Eliza P – Scotland

Weight Loss


I approached Michelle to find out why I was holding onto excess weight and it was a great experience. Michelle held and directed the session with true love and professionalism and got to the core issues. I didn’t shed the weight easily like other people were but with extra coaching from Michelle she peeled back the onion layers and was able to guide and direct me to work on the unhealed parts that were holding me back. I would totally recommend seeking out Michelle to smash any limiting beliefs and change your life story, as not only does she have great insight but is a very caring person. Thank you Michelle.

Lynda K – Sydney, Australia

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