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 Weight Loss Forever Program



We will dive deep into your presenting issue, your goals and aspirations; and I will ask you several questions which will help me to prepare your powerful transformation.



The RTT session will typically last for two hours:

  • Together we identify and then clean up and throw away the old undermining beliefs and thoughts that are playing like a stuck CD in your subconscious. Using an innovative method of hypnosis called Rapid Transformational Therapy, we will get to the root cause and reason behind your issues and rewire your brain with new words and pictures – so you think, feel and act differently.



  • You will receive a personalised recording which you will then listen to daily, for 21-days. This is a vital part of hard-wiring in the changes as you take control of your eating and weight forever.



  • Day 1 – follow up and on-line support
  • Day 5 – follow up and on-line support
  • Day 21 – consultation

Coaching – be prepared for powerful conversations

  • Receive valuable tools to support your progress



Whether you need to lose a little weight or a lot, Weight Loss Forever will up level your success. It’s designed to break through your biggest blocks and turn you into the grandest notion of who you really are.


You’ll get real-time, heart-centered support and guidance to activate a deep sense of self worth and confidence that will change your life forever. I will show up in strength for you – and walking beside you, I will make sure you do the same for yourself.

The 3-month intensive package:

Clients who need to lose 100lbs (50kg) or more and clients with eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia normally require three sessions. This package includes three full rotations of the 21-day package  – so will include: 3 x two-hour RTT sessions with personalised recordings, 6 coaching sessions and ongoing on-line support.



I don’t make promises, I create breakthroughs. I hack beliefs and build new realities… but only if you’re willing to do the work.




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Email: michelle@michelledupreez.com

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